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May 10, 2015

*A Tribute to my mom who moved to heaven April 12, 2013*


photo(2)Sometimes I know it’s raining before I even look outside because my hair curls up & looks like a chia pet. Genetics. Thanks Mom.

Sometimes I think about you telling the corniest jokes on the planet & I can hear your laughter & tears over what you think is the funniest thing ever (one of your faves: A 3 legged dog walks into a bar in Dodge City & hobbles over to John Wayne & says, “I‘m lookin’ for the man who shot my paw.”). Seriously. It’s not THAT funny. But thanks Mom.

Sometimes while I’m checking out at the grocery store & the cashier tells me her whole life story, I think about how it used to annoy me as a child. But now I love that the same thing happens to me. I treasure other people’s stories because YOU taught me how to listen. Thanks Mom.

Sometimes when I am having a busy day at the hospital & a new mom starts crying, I grab her hand, sit on the foot of the bed & cry with her. All because I once saw you wash & braid an old lady’s hair at the end of your shift. I learned empathy from you. Thanks Mom.

Sometimes the days are easy. Sometimes they’re hard. But unlike “sometimes”, I’m ALWAYS grateful that because of your trust in Jesus I know I’ll see you again. And for that I say, “Thanks God”.