About LT

I’m just a woman on a journey in the kingdom of heaven….the one here on earth.  You know, before we get to the “big one” some day.  We get to experience so much here on earth, not realizing that it’s an extension of the one going on “somewhere out there.”  And let me be clear….  I can’t wait to go home!  I just know there’s a lot to be done here and I’m thrilled about being a part of it.

The long and short of it:  I work as a Pediatric nurse part time.  I worked as a LifeGroup Associate at my former church, and have now found myself in a season of transition. I served as a missionary in New England for five years, and have a background in collegiate ministry and church planting.

I’m a single lady who DOES want to “have a ring on it” someday,  but I’m passionate about waiting (story of my life). But hey….whomever you are, you are so worth it!  I’m also someone who wears her emotions on her sleeves (or in the summer, on her flip flops…there are no sleeves).

But the bottom line is that I love people.  We have so much to learn from each other , and I hope this blog is one way to unite, offer high fives & fist bumps, and just simply do life together.

Thanks for being a part of my journey!


One Response to “About LT”

  1. Kelli Moore Says:

    I am honored to be along for the ride. Grateful for what you have already meant to me in my journey. Excited for what lies ahead for us both.

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