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A Kindred Spirit

February 4, 2015

A 70-something yr old lady changed my life last week.

Some people in my row at church were playing “musical chairs” of sorts & trying to get situated, and that left the seat next to me open. That’s when “Beth” (*name changed*) sat next to me. My soul just seemed to recognize hers. I knew it would be a matter of time before she started talking to me…I just sensed it. Sure enough, we exchanged some pleasantries & then she began telling me her story. What a precious heart…she gives & serves & prays & loves….a true Mary in our day & time…she would pour her fragrant offering on the feet of a King or on “the least of these”. That’s just who she is.

No one said “praise God” louder than she did. No one cried out to God from a more deeply passionate place in her soul than she did. No one sang more off key or worshiped more authentically than she did.

As we took our seats to listen to Crystal Lewis & the choir, her sobs during the songs literally rocked me in my chair. They came in waves. Prayers in liquid form. There were so many times I thought about getting her a tissue from my purse, or putting my hand on hers or on her knee, etc, but the purity of her worship stopped me. Honestly, the Spirit kept me from interfering in what He was doing….from their sweet communion.

I wanted to pray with Beth afterward, but when we closed our eyes for our final prayer I knew in my heart that when I opened my eyes, she’d be gone. And I was right. I never felt her leave, but sure enough she had slipped out. A smile turned the corners of my lips upward, & my heartstrings stirred up hymns of praise.

I’ve never been so moved in a worship service by someone else’s worship. Her worship DEEPENED my own! A corporate anointing, and a holy mentoring took place that day. I’ve thought about her & prayed for her every day this past week. I’ll probably never see her again, but a lady I crossed paths with for less than 2 hrs changed me forever.

With a grateful heart….. Amen.